A few technology podcasts that I listen to regulary

I like to listen to podcasts while I work because it beats the monotonous hum of CPU fans (thanks Intel) and the sound of traffic outside. I use iTunes to manage podcasts because it 'just works' but there are alternative applications and websites that will see to all your podcasting needs.

What follows is a rundown of some of the podcasts I listen to and why...

  • Cranky Geeks - I like to think one day I will be old and cranky. I have the cranky bit down pat and the age thing I am getting the hang of too. It is a good podcast to listen to if you want to hear negative opinions on technology and the people making it.
  • Lullabot Drupal Podcast - If you are interested in Drupal even at a non-technical level then this is a very useful resource. Lullabot are some of the best Drupal developers in the business and really know their stuff.
  • Novell Open Audio - Novell's public relations are useless but this podcast interviews the technical people behind the scenes of Novell to give you insight into what is happening inside the big red N.
  • The Java Posse - If Java and the technologies built on top of it are your thing then this podcast is a must have. The presenters from Google, Sun and Apple are all hugely experienced and respected in the Java world. It certainlly makes you appreciate how large and vibrant the Java community is after listening to this podcast.
  • This WEEK in TECH - Leo Laporte's flagship podcast is a weekly roundup of the goings on in the tech industry. Sometimes it is a bit boring but every now and then it is a good listen.
  • ZDNet: The Dan and David Show - Dan Farber and David Berlin are experienced I.T. reporters who cover a lot of emerging stories and trends related to the Web and enterprise software. Dan is old and cranky whilst David is young and bright eyed. Together they cross horns enough to make it enjoyable.
  • LUGRadio - This podcast is not worksafe but is often the funniest thing you'll hear on the Internet. It is a podcast about Linux by a group of swearing Brits. The humor means that even if you do not know the first thing about Linux or the surrounding community you will still enjoy it.

Not purely tech-related but still good to watch or listen to are Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show. Diggnation is a weekly summary of the top stories on Digg.com whilst TRS deals with games, movies and television shows that geeks like myself enjoy.