Snap Preview Anywhere: Bling up your blog

Ever see a link on a page and wonder whether it is worth actually clicking on it? Chances are you have zero interest or have been there already and a little visual clue would help you make up your mind. Snap Preview Anywhere provides this visual prompt by way of a nice looking Javascript pop-up window. Snap is an Internet search engine that creates an image preview of all the sites it indexes. The Snap Preview Anywhere plug-in for your website leverages this database of preview images to give you a quick glimpse of where you could potentially go in the future, kind of like a Web travel brochure. Installation is straightforward especially if you run a template driven website as all it requires is a couple of lines of code in the <head> section of the HTML. Okay so it is not 100% practical but it gives your website a bit of bling and does save needless clicking to websites you have already visited but haven't recognised from the hyperlink.