Large file support with an Unslung NSLU2

I have written previously on how cool the little NSLU2 is as a customisable NAS device. I have set mine up as a little backup device, it silently backs up my server files (using rsync), creates tar files from all the files and then presents these archives to Retrospect on my Mac for backing up to external media and taking off-site. Unfortunately the default 'ls' and 'tar' programs that come with the Unslung distribution do not support large file sizes or long filenames to fix this problem download the far more up-to-date versions using ipkg:

# Whilst logged in as root (or use sudo)
ipkg install coreutils
ipkg install tar
mv /bin/ls /bin/ls.old
mv /bin/tar /bin/tar.old
ln -s /opt/bin/ls /bin/ls
ln -s /opt/bin/tar /bin/tar

Running these commands will replace the outdated programs with their newer counterparts which results in far smoother backups.