Server upgrade to OpenSUSE 10

With Emma away on holiday I took the opportunity to update my server to OpenSUSE 10 (from SUSE 9.2). I did a fresh install rather than an upgrade and it all went relatively smoothly. In the process I have moved from a software RAID setup to LVM as it provides a lot more flexibility and the option later to play around with Xen if I want.
In the future I am planning on migrating from Hula to Scalix or Zimbra (at this point I am hovering towards Scalix).

Here's a rundown of what is running on the server:

  • Hula (email)
  • FreePOPs (hotmail/yahoo pop3 getter)
  • MySQL (database)
  • Apache (http server)
  • OpenLDAP (user accounts)
  • Subversion (sofware development)
  • CUPS (print server)
  • Samba (Windows file server)
  • Sane (Network scanning)