StressFree Webmin theme version 2.03 released

Version 2.03 of the StressFree Webmin theme is a significant overhaul of the underlying HTML, Perl and CSS code. Here is a rundown of the new/changed features:

  • By default menus are organised by installed services with a menu for 'Unused Modules'.
  • The Javascript-based curved borders code has been replaced with pure CSS/images.
  • The theme should work correctly in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.
  • Various graphical refinements including better looking tabs.
  • A "View Logs" link like that found in the default Webmin theme.
  • A large number of new icons for various modules.

The revised theme can beĀ downloaded from here.

NOTE: This is a significant upgrade so please make sure that after installing you clear your browser cache, proxy cache (if used) and Google Gears (if used).

To refresh the Google Gears cache you must open the Google Gears settings panel and remove the Webmin server from the list of allowed sites. This will delete all the cached files but it will mean you will need to re-enable Google Gears for the site.