Software Development

During the working day (and night) a large portion of my time is spent developing web-based software solutions for organisations located within Wellington, New Zealand. Most of this development is related to knowledege management, primarily the field human resources.
Development is undertaken in the Java programming language as it is powerful yet flexible enough to be deployed on any major operating system in use.
If you are interested in checking out the source (or just downloading the latest version) checkout the Subversion repository.

YouWHO: Business Contacts Database

YouWHO is a powerful tool for managing your businesses' human networks. The software is intended for multi-user environments where information on large numbers of people and organisations must be maintained for correspondence purposes.
YouWHO is open-source and is available for download.

WhichDoctor: Medical Doctor Database

Developed specifically for The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, WhichDoctor provides a simple yet very powerful toolset for managing the training, financial affairs and contact details of New Zealand medical physicians and paediatricians.