YouWHO Final Release

After considerable tweaking and testing YouWHO 1.2 and all the accompanying documentation has been released. In the very near future it will be available for download from the Downloads section.


YouWHO is an Open Source Java web-application for managing information on people and organisations your business deals with everyday. YouWHO has a very powerful relational database engine that ensures that a person's contact details are always correct even in very dynamic environments.

YouWHO supports traditional and electronic bulk mailouts through sophisticated group functionality. Data within YouWHO is very flexible and can be exported to PDF, HTML, CSV, VCard and XML formats. The application binaries and source can be downloaded from the Subversion repository.

Software Development

During the working day (and night) a large portion of my time is spent developing web-based software solutions for organisations located within Wellington, New Zealand. Most of this development is related to knowledege management, primarily the field human resources.
Development is undertaken in the Java programming language as it is powerful yet flexible enough to be deployed on any major operating system in use.

YouWho Beta Released

Monday the 10th saw the first release of a YouWho Beta for testing. The Beta will test the viewing and dataentry capabilities of the system before the fully functional system is released next week.