SuSE/OpenLDAP/Samba Howto

This tutorial assumes you are familar with basic Linux and Windows concepts and are comfortable using SuSE Linux 9 (Professional or Enterprize). SuSE 9.2 Professional was used during the production of this guide but for most part the commands, software and general concepts should be applicable on any current version of SuSE (or OpenSUSE).
To ease configuration it is very helpful to do most things from another desktop so that you can use really useful utilities like graphical Internet browsers and copy/paste tools.

Setting up the basic system

First off install your basic SuSE system. For this tutorial I used SuSE 9.2 Professional with the network install CD using the local New Zealand mirror at
I prefer to perform an initial basic install with no extra packages or windowing environment. Using this strategy I have complete control over what goes on the system as far as software is concerned. This is important as a default SuSE install will put alot of unnecessary applications and libraries onto your server.

Once the base install is complete using Yast to install openldap, samba, apache2-prefork and php (with ldap & session support). If you are not sure how to do this log in as root and type yast (enter) in the terminal. To install packages select Software -> Install and Remove Software.

Run Online update (Software -> Online Update) afterwards to make sure you are at current working levels. There is a bug in the default install of PHP session support on SuSE 9.2. Without running Online Update you won’t get far in this tutorial as Apache will have problems running.