Border Manager with Linux Howto

After some experimenting today I have put together a howto for getting Linux to authenticate to a Border Manager proxy server. If you do not know what that means do not worry but if you do and have tried in the past you maybe very interested to have a read of this tutorial.


Border Manager Authentication with Linux

Getting a Linux server or workstation to work nicely with Novell's Border Manager can be very difficult. Novell have recently brought out a Linux version of their clntrust.exe application for Linux workstations (available in Border Manager 3.8 SP4) but this requires Gnome and the Novell Linux Client. If you are running a server (or use a non-Novell supported Linux distro) meeting these requirements can be difficult. Fortunately there is cl4others which authenticates to the Border Manager through simple command line instructions in a far more flexible manner. Documentation for cl4others is pretty sparse so I have written this little tutorial on how to get it set up and running.