Upcoming Revit Technology Conference in Sydney

There is an upcoming Revit Technology Conference in Sydney in June. The venue looks very nice although I doubt June is the best time of the year to be hitting the beach, even in Sydney. The schedule covers just about every conceivable functional aspect of Revit. If you can't spare the time or money to attend Autodesk University then this is probably the closest thing you'll get in the southern hemisphere.

Revit tutorial updated for Revit 9.1

Charlotte Young of Victoria University has kindly updated the rather old but still useful Revit 5.1 tutorial so that it encompasses some of the new functionality that has been introduced in the prevailing years. The revised tutorial is targetted at Revit 9.1but I am sure most of the concepts and commands will continue to remain vaild well into the future. The updated tutorial is available here:

Revised Revit 9.1 Tutorial

Revit 9.1 Tutorial

Revit'ing It Up

This tutorial is intended to introduce the uninitiated into the world of Revit and Object Modeling. No experience is required in CAD, in fact if you are a new user you could find it easier to understand than a 20-year veteran of traditional CAD systems!

Before we jump into Revit I'll first cover a few fundamental CAD concepts and for the experienced point out how Revit differs from other CAD packages such as the mighty AutoCAD.