Webmin 'Tiger' theme

The StressFree Webmin theme features a new graphical look, high colour icons, dropdown menus and an AJAX search tool for locating Webmin modules quickly. It has been tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

» Download the Webmin theme now

Alternatively you can download the latest development build from the Google Code Subversion repository.

News and updates

For the latest development news on this theme please see this listing of articles.


To install open Webmin and browse to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Themes
Select the downloaded archive from your local disk and press the Install Theme button.
Once installed change the Current Theme dropdown to StressFree Theme and press the Change button.

Note: This will change the default theme for Webmin but will not effect users who have selected a personal theme. If you have enabled the StressFree theme as the default yet find it is not applied check your personal theme settings:

  • Category -> Webmin -> Webmin Users.
  • Select your username (e.g. root).
  • Open "User interface options" and ensure the "Personal Theme" field is set to either "From Webmin Configuration" or to the specific theme name (StressFree).



Webmin theme close to completion

The ability to control a server remotely using a friendly web-based GUI is very handy. Novell makes some fairly nice web-based management tools but the same cannot be said for Linux. Webmin exists but I have always been put off by the fact it all looks like it was put together in the early 90's by someone who was in the process of going blind. Recently there have been some more cleaner themes out for it but still nothing to write home about. So to fill in the time and try out some cool new things and brush up on my poor Perl skills I have put together my own, far more tasteful theme for Webmin.