The Villa Savoye

Designed by Le Corbusier the Villa Savoye is an icon for the modernist movement. The design also provides us with the ideal learning environment, as it is not too complex for the new user whilst challenging enough to suggest modeling solutions for more complex structures.

In May 2005 I had the opportunity to visit the Villa Savoye whilst I was in Paris. If you are in Paris I would definitely recommend visiting the site which is in Poissy to the north-west of Paris. To get there from Paris, take the RER line A to Poissy, remember to hold onto your train ticket as it is needed at Poissy to get out of the terminal. There is a bus (number 50) that goes by the site but it is probably easier to walk. When you exit the train terminal there is a map of Poissy with the Villa shown in the bottom right corner. The walk takes about 15 minutes and was quite pleasant when it is sunny.

To help you on your way for this tutorial here is a bunch of photos showing what the real building looks like:

External Shots

Internal Shots


To get a better understanding of the building and its aesthetic visit these sites for plans, photos and a description of Le Corbusier's achitectural intentions.

Images @
Second Floor Plan
Structural Layout