BluePhoneElite 0.9 Review

BluePhoneElite is a nice piece of free software for OSX that works in conjunction with your bluetooth enabled device to provide a host of new functionality. Bluetooth integration for most phones is provided in OSX but BluePhoneElite takes it to a new level, providing intelligent phone and SMS message management tools plus some really neat proximity features that add a new dimension to using your Mac.

BluePhoneElite in the menubar

Background Operation

BluePhoneElite runs in the background and can be configured to appear on your dock or in the menubar. I personally like the menubar as my dock is crowded at the best of times. The icon provides a convenient overview of your signal strength and battery levels. A single click on the icon provides access to all of BluePhoneElite's features via a tidy menu system.

One Missing Piece of iPod Functionality

I enjoy travelling between home and work with my iPod. Unfortunately the sound of the music plus the various noises of urban life often drown out the cellphone ring. I have the phone set to vibrate but even then I often do not register that my phone is ringing. My cellphone is a Sony Ericsson K700i with Bluetooth and touch wood it has worked perfectly with my PowerBook.
What I would love to see on the next generation iPod is Bluetooth connectivity and the option for your iPod to notify you of an incoming phone call when listening to music. OSX already notifies you of an incoming call when the phone is linked to the computer and the iPod already stores all your contacts (so presumably the bulk of the software development is already complete). It would be really nice then if Apple's synthesised voice would tell you who is calling so that I can then make the descision to answer the call or just keep listening to music.